The Rush 180 Ne Njabi Njabi ..............Zariah

Catch Zariah aka the Njabi-Njabi of radio on the rush 180 every Monday to Thursday from 12:00 to 15:00hours.The rush 180 is an interactive show infused with the best of music ranging from house, kwaito, hip hop, RnB and naija.

The show doesn’t end at just entertaining your musical taste but goes further to offer “the quote of the day”.Our main news bulletin comes your way at 12:45hours as we get you up to-date with the latest in current affairs, we are not called the trusted source for news and information for nothing!!!

Too curious to know what we are having for lunch? Well, we too are!!! But you the listener come first, so let’s talk food on the “what’s on the menu”.

There is no dull moment on the rush 180 as we indulge in a little hot gossip no wait!!!! the hottest of gossip both on the local and international scene. We also look at celebrity birthdays and make it extra special by sending some birthday love to all celebrating their birthdays.

If you want to be part of the rush family, text the Njabi-njabi of radio on 0966 589235.You can further give us some rush love by calling the power lines 02 15 223847 and 0966 608070.Let’s rush together!!!