Drive time  with DJ Shofolo

Be sure to buckle up as you enjoy the fastest drive in the motherland, with dj Shofolo pa jobolo aka aba chikulile bigge fyamulukobo!

The drive time comes every week day from 15:00 to 18:00hours. This is an interactive programme which starts with a drive around Africa as we take a look at the most trending stories happening on the continent.

Get safety conscious with our car sense and road safety tips and let us get you up-to-date with the latest technological advancements around the world.On the drive, we love Zambian music!!!! Join us as we sample a combination of all genres of Zambian music plus, we get to feature upcoming artists from Central and Copperbelt provinces.

And when we say we are your trusted source for news, information and entertainment we mean just that as we bring you the latest in news, sports, and of course bring you the best of the 90’s hits.

And on Fridays, the fastest show in the land breaks the rules of proximity and brings you the best of bollywood tunes we are a global village after all!!!!.And who said throw backs are only restricted to Thursdays? Scratch that!! We present to you the throw back Friday where we get to look at the highlights of the week.